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Dedicated solutions to maximize application functionality icona-bottone-ecb

In a complex world, dedicated solutions are the only ones that allow you to provide the customer with exactly what will meet his needs 100%. For this reason, at ECB, we never stop at the mere proposal of a pre-packaged solution, but we always study customer specifications to propose the best compromise between technique, performance and cost. Only the balance between these aspects is what allows to achieve the best result.

Our products

Our areas

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ECB Settore Medicale


Disposable devices, hemodialysis components

ECB Settore Componenti tecnici industriali

Industrial technical components

Solenoid valves, fittings, valves

ECB Settore Elettrodomestici

Home appliances

Drain pumps, detergent dispensers, solenoid valves

ECB Settore Componentistica elettrica

Electrical components

Switches and relays

ECB Settore Idraulica


Valves, collectors, taps

ECB Settore Automotive


Vehicle lighting, sensors and engine devices, cabin accessories

ECB Settore Consumer


Spray nozzles, food caps

ECB i nostri servizi

Our services


Technical consultancy

Right from the first stages of co-design of the applications, supporting the customer and guiding him among proposals adaptable to his needs is the basis of our way of following him until we find the optimal solution.


Software development

We internally develop the control software of microcontrollers, PLCs and PCs for the management of cards, electronic equipment, benches or automatic machines of our realization.



For all our standard applications, we have all the spare parts in stock to guarantee the shortest intervention time, while guaranteeing the quality of service. In addition, we offer the possibility to perform maintenance at our headquarters or at the customer, in Italy or abroad.


Periodic calibration

We have certified and traceable instruments, to offer a service of calibration and periodic control of the equipment of our production, in Italy or abroad.


Laboratory test execution

A series of preliminary tests in the laboratory is very often necessary to determine the best technical proposal. At ECB, this is guaranteed by a very varied range of tools and equipment and years of experience in the field.

ECB mappa prodotti

Our products in the world 

Thanks to the extensive network of collaborations established over decades of work and our representatives and distributors, customers worldwide rely on our solutions to manufacture and test goods of various kinds.


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