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Color sensors

LED boards typically require a preliminary test before incorporation into the product body to detect any potential non-conformities in the luminous emission of the LEDs soldered onto the circuit, upstream of subsequent processing. This test is then repeated on the finished product, analyzing the intensity of the luminous emission and the RGB color tone emitted.

For this purpose, we have various standard models of color control systems with fiber optics:

  • LCTE2008: Standalone system with 2, 8, 16, 24, or 32 inputs.
  • LCTE2013: Modular system from 8 to 256 inputs, connected via a serial communication bus and controlled by a server application.

The advantage of the fiber optic solution is the ability to analyze the point emission of light using fiber optic heads selected from dozens of catalog models. These heads can have dimensions that reduce to a few millimeters in diameter, allowing for placements that are impossible with artificial vision systems.

In cases of more stringent requirements, such as the need to calibrate the emission of RGB LEDs in configurable systems, we develop special systems that use spectrometers to determine the color tone and intensity of light with high precision.

ECB Product Type Color sensor

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