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Programmable power supplies

Over the years, in collaboration with our clients who are manufacturers of components related to the interior and exterior lighting sector for vehicles, we have developed a series of programmable power supplies for testing projectors, headlights, license plate lights, fog lights, and DRL.

Within this product category, two of our models already include all the functionalities typically required to meet the needs for the comprehensive testing of these products:

  • PPS2010: System with 5 or 5+5 outputs.
  • PPS2016: System with 8 or 8+8 outputs, with voltage sensing for automatic compensation of voltage drop in the test system wiring.

Similar to our leakage and flow meters, our power supplies can also be configured in a multi-channel setup. This allows asynchronous and independent testing of two pieces (such as the pair of left and right headlights) using a single instrument, resulting in cost reduction.

For the latest generation projectors and headlights equipped with CAN and LIN communication interfaces, we develop special power supplies that implement the specific communication protocols for each product. These power supplies come with features such as synchronization with artificial vision systems, process traceability, LED category selection, continuous monitoring of current consumption, etc.

ECB Product Type Programmable power supplies

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