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We offer our customers both standard solutions and the opportunity to jointly develop custom-to-specification systems in order to better adapt to the characteristics of the individual application.

Among our standard products, numerous models of equipment can be found, including leak detectors, flow detectors, programmable power supplies, fiber optic color sensors, insulation meters, milliohmmeters, and control boards and modules. Standard equipment consists of standalone components for on-line integration, suitable for applications that do not require customizations or require them marginally. However, when project requirements become complex, we develop special equipment, benches, and automations tailored to customer specifications. In these cases, we leverage all our expertise to provide a comprehensive "turnkey" solution.

Why choose us

Thanks to over 30 years of activity, ECB S.r.l. offers a comprehensive 360° service to all customers: not only standard or special equipment but also technical consulting services, maintenance, periodic on-site calibration, and the execution of various categories of tests in the laboratory. Such a breadth of offerings that characterize our offer is made possible by the long expertise and cross-cutting know-how developed since the early '90s and continuously updated over time, enhanced by our staff composed of highly skilled and professional craftsmen.

ECB Technology and innovation Services

Technology and Innovation

We invest in research to develop advanced and cutting-edge products that meet the ever-evolving needs of the industrial market, proactively capturing customer suggestions and requests to implement improvements in our products.

ECB Quality and Reliability Service

Quality and Reliability

Our products adhere to high-quality standards, thanks to meticulous design and careful selection of suppliers and technical solutions.




ECB Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service and Technical Support

Our team is always ready to answer your questions and address post-sales issues. We have all standard spare parts in stock, and to this day, we are capable of maintaining equipment produced by us dating back to the early years of our business!

ECB Regulatory Compliance Service

Regulatory Compliance

We implement careful management of certifications and authorizations necessary to operate in the global market, ensuring consistently high service standards.

Our numbers

With over 30 years of uninterrupted activity, thousands of standard equipment installations worldwide, and hundreds of special projects and applications, ECB stands as a proven and reliable supplier with expertise in the field of testing.









ECB mappa prodotti

Our products in the world 

Thanks to the extensive network of collaborations established over decades of work and our representatives and distributors, customers worldwide rely on our solutions to manufacture and test goods of various kinds.