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Our services

We provide technical consulting services, software development, maintenance, periodic calibration, and laboratory testing services. In addition to our production, we offer customers a range of complementary services, starting from preliminary technical consultations to the execution of laboratory tests for which the customer may not be internally equipped.

ECB Technical Consultancy Service

Technical consultancy

ECB provides its customers with technical consulting in the early stages of application co-design. Our proposals are tailored to the needs of the user who turns to us, aiming to find the best solution for both parties.

ECB Software development

Software development

We internally develop control software for microcontrollers, PLCs, and PCs to manage boards, electronic equipment, benches, or automatic machines of our own design.

ECB Maintenance Service


We have all spare parts in stock for all our standard applications to ensure the shortest intervention time, while guaranteeing service quality. Additionally, we offer the option to perform maintenance either at our facility or at the customer's location, both in Italy and abroad.

ECB Periodic Calibration Service

Periodic calibration

We offer our customers the opportunity to periodically perform the calibration verification of equipment produced by us, conducted either at our facility or at the customer's location, both in Italy and abroad.

ECB Laboratory Test Execution Services

Laboratory test execution

We are capable of conducting laboratory tests to detect actuation pressures, airflows, temperature increases during operation, etc., on components of various kinds from diverse application fields.

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