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Flow detectors

There are applications that require flow tests to verify the absence of obstructions in ducts, such as those caused by molding flash. There are also leak tests for components that are inherently non-sealed but must not exhibit leakage above a certain limit to the environment.

In all these cases, a regular leakage tester is not applicable, and flow meters are used, ranging from simple threshold programmable models to more sophisticated ones controlled by a microcontroller with comprehensive functionalities.

Within this product category, several of our models are available, flexible and configurable according to customer requirements:

  • EMPO: Single-channel entry-level system with programmable thresholds, evaluating volumetric flow.
  • MPE2010/MPEPO2010: Highly versatile system, configurable for up to 4 channels, including mixed leakage/flow, evaluating volumetric flow.

Many of our models have the unique feature of being configured in a multi-channel setup, providing functionally up to 4 independent measurement channels, at a very competitive price compared to purchasing 4 individual units.

Numerous standard pressure ranges are always available in stock, and upon request, we can manufacture custom versions with mixed configuration, non-standard pressure ranges, electronic pressure control, separate measurement inputs from the air intake duct, etc.

The flow measurement resolution is variable and determined by the accuracy class of the flow transmitter used based on customer requirements.

Each application can be optimized by selecting the most suitable testing system configuration.

ECB Product Type Flow detectors

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