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Color sensors

Serie LCTE 2008

ECB Serie LCTE 2008

Brightness and RGB Color Control Tool for automotive components such as DRLs, headlights, taillights, third brake lights, interior lights, guide lights, etc.

Up to 16 programs.

Remote control via RS-232.

Dedicated configuration software.

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Inputs 2, 8, 16, 24, 32
Channels 2 (A, B) defined as a programmable group of inputs
Light Acquisition System

With standard industrial optical fibers

  • Standard lenses and fibers, diameter 4 mm, length 2 m (KEYENCE FU 7F + F 2)
  • Optional optical fiber, diameter 3 mm, length 2 m (KEYENCE FU 5F)
Measurement Method Absolute measurement for brightness (values from 0 to 4095), percentage for RGB component (values from 0 to 100%)
Tests Conducted Brightness, color, brightness and color uniformity
Programs 16
Programming Via dedicated software

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