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Serie EOM2008

ECB Serie EOM2008

Resistance measurement in the laboratory or in automatic testing stations for contacts, fuses, connectors, coils, resistors in general, etc.

Voltamperometric measurement method.

Test current defined according to customer specifications during the ordering phase.

Highly readable 7-segment display.

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Number of Channels 1 channel
Measurement Method Voltamperometric
Resistance Ranges 0 – 4 mΩ, resolution 1 μΩ
0 – 40 mΩ, resolution 10 μΩ
0 – 400 mΩ, resolution 100 μΩ
0 – 4 Ω, resolution 10 mΩ
0 – 400 Ω, resolution 100 mΩ
0 – 4 kΩ, resolution 1 Ω
0 – 40 kΩ, resolution 10 Ω
0 – 400 kΩ, resolution 100 Ω
Test Current Fixed and defined during the ordering phase according to customer specifications
Voltage Measurement 1 scale dependent on the test current and the range resistance
Number of Programs 1
Adjustable Limits Minimum resistance, maximum resistance
Display 7-segment, 4 digits
Keypad 4 keys
I/O Signals PLC level (24 V, DC, standard PNP)
Inputs: ON measurement
Outputs: good, reject
Power Supply Standard: 220-230 VAC / 50 Hz
Optional: 110-120 VAC / 60 Hz
Dimensions 220 x 160 x 350 mm (L x H x D)
Warranty 24 months

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