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The versatility of flow meters with programmable thresholds

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Flow meters with programmable thresholds are specialized measurement devices that play a significant role in a wide range of industrial applications.
In the testing context, these instruments are designed to measure and control the flow of gases or, less frequently, liquids precisely and flexibly.

Let's discover their distinctive characteristics and application areas in detail.

Operation of the meters

Flow meters with programmable thresholds are generally connected in shunt or in series on pressurized devices, ducts or pipes and/or subjected to circulation of a gas or liquid.
By actively controlling or passively measuring the flow through appropriate regulators or flow transmitters, they allow the user to configure specific thresholds, activating actions such as opening valves or issuing alarms when the flow exceeds or decreases. under these parameters.

The measurement process can be continuous, for process monitoring, or involve a timed cycle composed of sequential phases:

  • filling or emptying the piece to achieve the desired pressure or vacuum
  • the continuous measurement of the flow rate
  • the exhaust to bring the piece back to atmospheric pressure.

These tools are essential for testing non-hermetically sealed devices such as those that normally require a leak test.

Application sectors

These devices help improve efficiency, safety and precision in different contexts. In particular, they are used in the following sectors:

  • Medical industry: they monitor the accurate supply of essential gases such as oxygen, contributing to the well-being of patients (gas therapy);
  • Automotive: they are widely used to monitor the flow of gases and liquids on engine test benches, but also for production testing of all components that are not exactly perfectly watertight;
  • Agriculture: they control irrigation and the dosage of fertilizers and pesticides, helping to manage agricultural resources efficiently;
  • Electronics: they allow you to verify the air permeability of barometric pressure equalization membranes which are very widespread on devices that must guarantee correct functioning in severe environmental conditions;
  • Domestic: in household appliances such as washing machines, coffee machines, flow meters monitor and control the flow of water, ensuring the functionality of the household appliances in safe conditions but also the correct preparation of drinks and food.

In all these applications, flow meters play a fundamental role in ensuring the accuracy and safety of operations, contributing to the efficiency of industrial processes and the reduction of waste.

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